Top 10 Aadhaar Card Verification API Providers in India

Aadhaar Card Verification API

For Indian citizens, an Aadhaar number serves as a fingerprint. By the end of November 2022, 135.1071 crore Aadhaar numbers had been issued to residents of India. Ever felt overwhelmed by a never-ending list of verification documents when you signed up for an online service like an Aadhaar card? Well, worry not! Aadhaar card verification API offer a seamless and secure solution. These APIs act as digital bridges, instantly confirming your identity without cumbersome paperwork.

Overview of Aadhaar Verification API (Application Programming Interface)
Imagine submitting your Aadhaar number on a website, and instantly, your identity is verified! That’s the magic of aadhar card verification API. These APIs connect your platform to the UIDAI database, employing two primary methods:

1. Aadhaar Authentication:
This confirms the validity of the Aadhaar number and basic details without revealing sensitive information.

2. E-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer):
It retrieves more comprehensive information, like your photo and demographic details, with consent. It is almost the same thing as showing the shopkeeper your aadhar card.

Aadhaar authentication api helps entities authenticate Aadhaar cards that are issued by the government of India. These APIs make identity verification possible by confirming the Aadhaar card details of individuals.

It features your full name, address, and cell phone number, among others. This integration of the Aadhaar card verification API into the systems of organizations is essential to improving the security level. Additionally, it simplifies the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

List of Top 10 Aadhaar Card Verification API Providers in India

Aadhaar card validation API providers make it possible for your business. This blog will discuss with you the top 10 Aadhaar Card Verification API providers!

1. Perfios:
Perfios is a global B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) company in India and ranks top among the leading Aadhaar card verification API providers. Their TotalKYC suite offers a comprehensive risk-mitigating API, including Aadhaar verification. With over 100 APIs, Perfios facilitates automation during onboarding. It ensures compliance for more than 500 Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) companies across 15+ countries.

Renowned for its robust, secure, and scalable solution, Perfios offers high uptime and real-time responses. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems. It’s the Iron Man of the API world, always reliable and efficient. Perfios also offers various apis for voter ID verification, Google address validation, UPI validator, vehicle rc verification, phone number validation, bank account verification for small-mid-sized businesses.

2. Surepass:
Surepass offers an aadhar card validation api provider company, recognizing the importance of Aadhaar card verification for financial institutions and entities. As an essential identity requirement, Aadhaar cards contain crucial information used for verification purposes. It contributes to secure and compliant transactions. User-friendliness is Surepass’s forte. Think Captain America! They are OTP-based verification, which is real-time, multifactor authentication, and audit trails for complete transparency.

3. RapidAPI:

RapidAPI is the biggest place where developers come together to use lots of different APIs. It’s like a big market for APIs where millions of developers meet up. Their platform provides developers with access to the Aadhaar card validation API. This aadhaar api for developers by RapidAPI offers the prime authentication and integration processes.

This platform is a vibrant application programming interface (API) marketplace. It connects you to a diverse range of Aadhaar verification APIs from trusted providers. It explores, compares, and chooses the most suitable option for your unique needs. It leverages RapidAPI’s developer-friendly tools and supportive community. It’s like having access to your own Avengers team of APIs!

4. Signzy:
Streamlining the digital onboarding process is Signzy’s specialty. Their comprehensive API integrates with their KYC services, document verification, and fraud detection capabilities for a holistic solution. Signzy revolutionizes digital onboarding for businesses and customers, particularly in the financial industry. Their platform accelerates onboarding processes and enhances accuracy. It offers customizable workflows and fraud prevention measures.

5. Invincible Ocean:
Invincible Ocean’s Aadhaar authentication elevates verification processes to the next level. Their APIs provide accurate outcomes, contributing to secure transactions and compliance adherence. Speed, accuracy, and scalability are Invincible Ocean’s hallmarks. They go the extra mile with additional features like liveness detection and address verification. This ensures the highest level of trust. They’re the Hawkeyes of the group, hitting the mark every time. Along with aadhaar authentication api, Invincible Ocean also offers digital onboarding, employee background verification, pan verification, bank verification api, upi id verification api, etc.


Stepping into the future with AI,’s API transcends primary verification. They analyses facial features and employ liveness detection for unparalleled security.’s Aadhaar verification API simplifies KYC processes by providing essential demographic information based on Aadhaar numbers and OTP authentication. Their user-friendly interface and call-and-retrieve functionality streamline customer verification, facilitating seamless digital transformations.

7. IDcentral:
IDcentral offers a reliable Aadhaar card validation API for businesses and organizations. It enables businesses to confirm Aadhaar cards’ authenticity efficiently. With compliance assurance and fraud detection features, IDcentral’s API integrates with Aadhaar databases. The offered aadhaar authentication api by IDcentral ensures accurate verification processes. This global leader brings expertise and reliability to the table. Imagine Nick Fury leading the team! Their secure aadhaar authentication API ensures global reach and compliance with various regulations, offering peace of mind.

8. Sandbox API:
Sandbox API’s free aadhar card verification api allows developers to experiment and explore functionalities before committing. Think Captain America-in-training! This free practice ground fosters informed decision-making. Also, the Sandbox API facilitates tax compliance automation through its REST-like API structure. With predictable URLs and JSON-encoded responses, the Sandbox API simplifies tax-related processes for businesses. This enhances operational efficiency and compliance adherence.

9. AuthBridge:
AuthBridge’s aadhaar otp verification api prioritizes user experience and fraud prevention. By confirming data legitimacy in real-time, AuthBridge’s API enables swift onboarding processes for clients, partners, and employees. In this way, they bolster security and compliance. AuthBridge’s API combines Aadhaar verification with device fingerprinting. Also, it offers behavioral analysis for businesses seeking a more holistic risk assessment. It’s like Black Widow 2.0, combining forces for enhanced security. KYC authentication api, GST api, upi api, driving licence api, passport verification api are also offered by AuthBridge.

10. Zuelpay:

ZuelPay is India’s largest one-party digital API services provider. It offers a seamless single sign-on API for utilities and payment needs. Their API solutions facilitate secure and efficient transactions. Thus, it is enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency. Tailored to the financial sector, Zuelpay’s API caters to institutions and businesses requiring secure and compliant identity verification for various use cases. ZuelPay is counted as India‚Äôs fastest-growing B2B API services provider. This company provides high-quality financial niche apis such as UPI payment api, mobile recharge api, metro recharge api, travel api, and many more.


Integrating aadhaar verification api into businesses is crucial for secure identity verification processes. The top 10 aadhaar card verification api providers highlighted above offer robust solutions. All of these empower organizations to authenticate individuals’ identities. By leveraging these APIs, businesses can enhance security, prevent identity fraud, and streamline their KYC processes. Thus, it contributes to a seamless digital ecosystem.

Choosing the proper api for aadhaar verification is an investment in your business’s success. Consider your specific needs, features offered, and ease of integration to find your perfect match. With these superheroes guarding your identity, navigate the digital world conveniently!